Going through the puppy class and scent training with James has been amazing. The way James teaches is very good and informative and he never minds the extra questions outside of the basic training. Kibs loves his training sessions, it also helped us understandKibs body language better.
The Scent training sessions were great, its a great activity for Kibs and myself which can be done indoors and outdoors, the best part is if its raining and Kibs wants to go out I just pull out the scent box, immediately Kibs goes into search mode.

Jonathan Wang,
My wife and I recently imported our Boston Terrier pup from the UK. When she arrived in Hong Kong she was 10 weeks old.
We had already spent considerable time researching various trainers and obedience schools. "Bao" had her first lesson the day after she landed. In the following seven weeks she learnt commands including sit, drop, stay, come and play.
James' professional guidance and insights into dog psychology and sociology proved invaluable in helping us to understand how best to trainBao while ensuring the process was fun for her.
We have no hesitation in recommending Hong Kong Canine to other dog owners.
Lorna and Tim Wright,

James has been an awesome trainer in the one-on-one puppy training course we just had for our Labrador puppy, Snowgie. He always goes beyond "syllabus" of the course and is very informative on lots of little stuff that can actually make the life of being a dog owner even more enjoyable. Will definitely recommend him!

Ben Yau,

Long time ago, I was trying to get some help with my puppy due to its aggressiveness and we got kicked out from a well known place that also offered a private training. I wish we met James before, from the way he helped us with our Frenchie pup recently, I am sure he would help instead of telling us not to come back after 1 session.

After few weeks training, we have a happier home. Thanks James! Axel surely misses you.

Dewi Fiencenancy,

James at Hong Kong Canine was our rescue. Without him, we may have given up on our dog Emma.

When my husband and I adopted her in April 2015, we knew that we were up for a challenge. An 11 mth old highly energetic rescue dog, she was highly insecure, very nervous and constantly in high alert status, with a history of jumping at and also nipping dogs and people. She was not hometrained, could not stay alone at all without pooping and peeing all over the place, and was afraid of everything.

We were able to teach her how to peacefully live together with our cats, how to realiably go potty outside, and to be calm and at peace when left on her own. She was willing and intelligent. But at the same time, with ongoing adolescence, her behaviour outside became almost unmangeable. She lunged and barked at everybody and everything when being walked, from the moment we stepped out of the apartment. We became very worried she may hurt someone, very frustrated and also became very insecure ourselves.

It became impossible to exercise her off leash, as she needed, and to let her interact with other dogs. We had to muzzle her in the elevator, on hikes and in crowded places. We were drained of energy and desperately looking for help. Unfortunately, we made some bad experiences with incompetent trainers we had contacted (including one recommending to us that we may probably have to put Emma down) before we finally found James and booked six home training sessions with him. They took place in our apartment and outside.

From the first moment, we could see the professionalism of James. He is very patient, flexible and customer-focused. And most importantly, James deeply understands dogs and simply knows and likes what he does.
Emma responded extremely well to him and soon greeted him with a lot of tail waggling. The observations he shared, the tricks he showed and instructions he gave us, the owners, on how to better communicate with Emma and show her that we were trustworthy strong leaders in order to build her security, were clear and to the point, and unbelievably helpful.
At the same time, the training sessions were a lot of fun for Emma and us.
James enabled us to use Emma's excitement with ball play to build her trust and confidence, and to positively reinforce the behaviours we wanted, and it worked like magic.

We immediately saw big changes, and Emma was praised by neighbours and other dog owners for her improved behaviour. Most could not believe it: Emma had learned to calmly walk by children on scooters, bikers, joggers, people in uniforms, and suitcases, to name a few things that go her whining and going crazy before we had the sessions with James. She stopped pulling on the leash (well almost;-). She gained confidence greeting other dogs and playing with them. She is much more reliable when it comes to the basic commands we taught her. Instead of peramently scanning her surroundings for danger, she now has her nose on the ground when we walk her. She is so much more secure, balanced and happy, and so are we.

In a bottom line: In just six hours, James helped Emma to go a long way towards becoming the wonderful dog we always saw in her, and helped us to become much more confident and competent owners.

We can highly recommend James, particularly for "red flag" dogs who developed aggression and unpredictable behaviours like ours, due to their insecurity and past experiences. Emma is proof that James can help rehabilitating dogs with serious behavioural issues.

We shall soon be back for further obedience training, and are also considering signing Emma up for agility or scent training (Emma needs a job:).

Thanks again, James.

Silke Preussker,

My partner and I started working with James at Hong Kong Canine to help train me, a first time dog owner, with Basic Dog Obedience for our puppy, Kayla. James explained things logically and clearly and made himself available for all of my questions and concerns. I learned quickly and could apply all the techniqueswith our second puppy, Harvey.

We were so impressed we subsequently completed the Scent Training course and we are currently half way through Basic Agility Training. When our dogs see James across the park they charge towards him, knowing that they are about to have a fun filled hour.

We highly, highly recommend Hong Kong Canine. Thanks, James!

Rik Powell,

James is a complete natural with dogs. He has helped our family immensely in training our lab, Rocco, over the past year which has been especially important as we have three small children.  We have benefitted from the early puppy work as is reflected in Rocco's wonderful character today. Thank you James.

Riccardo Capelvenere,

We started training our four month old Labrador, Baghie with James in July 2015. We took 12 sessions, starting first at home then in parks. James uses only positive methods, both our puppy and I enjoyed every session and learnt so much. We achieved our goal, now I can take Baghie on walks in country parks off leash, she comes when she is called, stays when told to and she has great social skills, she is cautious with unfriendly dogs and enjoys a good play with more friendly dogs and owner. I wished I had taken some dog training with James when my kids were young, the positive methods make so much sense!

Ivy Lui Rawson,

We just completed a puppy training programme with James, and gave us a lot of help with our extremely energetic border collie puppy.  We were given the confidence to let our puppy run freely at the dog park, which our puppy loves and also takes care of all his extra energy!  All our problems of house training, jumping, and basic obedience were addressed. Its not just a training programme for the dogs, but also training us pet owners on how we should train our dogs.

Ivy Wong,

A great puppy training course! I learned so much. Our puppy was very difficult at first with strong nipping, which wasn't great with two young kids in the house. With James's help and advice she has become a much calmer, friendlier dog, able to better judge situations and control her nipping with people and other dogs. She wants to learn and interact, and is now definitely well on her way to becoming a family pet for life. Thanks James!

Zoe Bullock,

We've just completed an excellent puppy socialisation and obedience training programme with James. It has given us the confidence to let our dog Freddy run freely and play and socialise with other dogs - which was something he desperately needed, but we were worried about doing. We learnt how to read Freddy's behaviour, his interaction with other dogs and how to manage different situations. James also taught the basic obedience commands and gave us a huge amount of tips on how to get the best out of Freddy when we are training him. James is a great trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for all manner of training and advice. Whether it be an owner who wants to teach their new puppy the basic commands, to owners who have concerns and worries about their dogs behaviour.

Thida Henshaw,

Thank you for the great training on Luca and Marcus and myself!  Very helpful indeed.

Jonathan Hui,

We highly recommend James.  He took care of our very frightened dog during ten sessions and the improvement is great.  He is very professional highly available (in particular during the WE) and James is a very nice person.  He's very keen to find ways to fix the issues.

Julien Leleux,

Great job done on your Kimba. Six simple courses and all the basics are in place. James, thank you so much. Quality of life at home has improved so much.

Guillaume Thery,

James was wonderful in helping me get to know dog-walking and socialising etiquette as well as basic training tips for our new schnauzer, Ralph (who was re-homed with us at age 5 having never really been socialised or house trained properly). James was patient and kind with Ralph, and has such a knowledge and understanding of what dogs are thinking and feeling, that I now approach dog-walking and Ralph's little bad habits very differently! I feel relaxed when Ralph meets new dogs, where before I was tense and anxious as his behaviour was often unpredictable. As a family, we now understand the importance of a routine to fix house-training accidents. Not to mention some wonderful little tricks that James taught us to train Ralph to do. Ralph is a sweet, loving dog and I am so glad I invested the time with James to learn to understand him and help him settle into our home as well as he has. Thanks very much James! Now...I just wish I could train my kids as easily as Ralph!!

Julia Denvir,

James you are such a animal lover and am sure bringing lots of love,joy and care to these Dogs!  They are lucky to have you train them!

Gitika Malik,

James has been a great dog trainer.  He had so many simple tips on how to handle different situations. He understands dog behavior and just as important he understands what a dog owner goes through when trying to train their dog.  He makes training fun not only for the dog but for the humans as well.  James is awesome.  Very patient, knowledgeable and positive.  I have nothing but positive things to say about James!

Pernille Jordy Nielsen,