Monthly Archives: December 2014

English Setter

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.  England Developed more than 400 years ago the English Setter is a distinct breed from the Gordon and Irish Setters.  The origins of the setter breed can be traced back to 1500 in France   and came about from combining the Spanish Pointer and the French Pointer.  These original setters were known as…
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Does your Dog Bully other Dogs?

Balanced dogs get plenty of time to play, interact and socialize with other dogs. Dog parks can be a great place for this when dogs understand and display proper play protocol.  The following are body language cues dogs will often display when happy and playing with other dogs appropriately: The tail is wagging in wide…
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Top 5 Dog Training Tips

1.  Pay Attention to Body Language Observe your dog's body language.  If your dog appears to be uncomfortable in a new environment or meeting other dogs, animals or people, don’t force the issue and insist he interacts.  Doing so can lead to behavioural issues.  It's important to make gradual introductions in a safe and controlled…
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