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Pet Obedience & Behaviour Modification

Prevent unwanted behaviour.  Start your dog off on the right track.  Address behavioral issues before they get worse.

Dog Sports & Activities

We offer training services that engage your dog both physically and mentally.

Bed Bug Detection Dog

Coming soon to Hong Kong.  Contact us for details.

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Dog Training Services

dog training services

We offer an extensive range of professional dog training services to suit all breeds, sizes and ages.  Hong Kong Canine gets results in a timely manner using simple, fun and proven methods to teach basic obedience, advanced obedience and behavior modification.   We offer flexible and practical solutions designed to fit the needs of clients.  Our goal is to create a solid foundation and structure that fosters a happy balanced dog.

Is your dog fearful, hyperactive, good with children, disobedient, shy, fearful, bored, house-trained, properly socialized, neurotic, stressed, aggressive, inactive or destructive?  Hong Kong Canine handles all types of issues and will train and work with "problematic" dogs that other trainers will not.  We are happy to continue working until the issues have been resolved.  Hong Kong Canine is committed to a successful outcome and offers a free follow up service if problems persist.

Hong Kong Canine also offer a series of dog training services designed to challenge dogs both physically and mentally.  For dogs with behavioral issues we provide a free evaluation to determine the likely cause(s).  A training plan is then put forward to the owner for consideration.  To provide the most flexible service we offer private lessons both in-home or at a location suitable for all parties.  We also run group classes for certain types of training.

More information on the services offered are detailed below:


Pet Obedience



Canine Behavior Modification



Dog Sports & Activities

jumping border collie


Group Classes

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Bed Bug Detection

Bed bug detection dog